Ti ricordi di me?

Massimiliano Bruno

“Remember me?” is the story of the exciting encounter between a narcoleptic woman and a kleptomaniac man. Beatrice is a primary school teacher; Roberto is an aspiring fairy tale writer. They meet by chance right in front of their psychologist’s office. They are both seeing a shrink in order to sort their annoying pathologies. Each of them has different plans. Beatrice is about to marry her longtime boyfriend and dreams of having a family. Roberto’s career is far from success, mostly because of those absurd and weird fairy tales he keeps writing. As she keeps on suffering sudden sleep attacks and he goes on shoplifting here and there, Roberto falls in love with Beatrice, deciding she is the woman of his life. Their relationship will have its arguments, misunderstandings and amnesias but also a lot of courage. They will somehow find the right balance, even if they really stand beyond that normality line. Both are neurotics, obsessed with their problems, but also capable of envisioning the world in a funny way.

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