Do you remember me?

1h 27m
Regista: Rolando Ravello
Genere: Romantic comedy
“Remember Me?” is the story of an adventurous meeting between a narcoleptic and a kleptomaniac. Beatrice, a primary school teacher, and Roberto, an aspiring writer of improbable fairytales, meet by chance at the entrance to their therapist’s practice. Both are being treated for their troublesome syndromes but each has different prospects for the future. The girl is about to marry her long-term boyfriend and dreams of having a family, while the young writer’s career is still up in the air because of the absurdity of his strange fairytales. Between unexpected bouts of sleepiness and petty thieving in department stores, Roberto falls in love with Beatrice and decides she is the girl for him. It is the start of a love story full of confrontation, misunderstanding, amnesia and bravery which leads to them finding the right balance, despite being two people on the edge of normality, full of neuroses and fixations and with a singularly bizarre vision of the world.


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Ambra Angiolini


Edoardo Leo

Roberto Marino

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