The leggenday journey

Genere: Comedy
Out of curiosity they insert the game into the console and start playing it. A fateful click on “New Game” transports them into another dimension: the world of Legendaria. Once they realise what has happened, they start arguing and blaming each other, before Dominick angrily storms off. Those few seconds of distance are fatal: Erick is captured by the evil Doctor Timoti, a mad scientist and sworn enemy of the DinsiemEs. Dominick is unable to save him and the two youngsters find themselves alone. On their parallel journeys they soon learn that the usual rules of logic and physics mean nothing in Leggendaria, and that in order to survive they must apply the logic of levels in video games A rainy afternoon. The DinsiemEs are stuck at home, driven to boredom and apathy. The atmosphere is interrupted by an unexpected visitor: the delivery of a mysterious package by a masked courier. Inside the package is a video game they have never heard of: “The Legendary Journey”.

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