Italiano medio

1h 40m
Regista: Maccio Capatonda
Genere: Comedy
Giulio Verme is a committed environmentalist struggling with depression, who on the threshold of 40 finds himself separating waste at a recycling centre on the outskirts of Milan. He is frustrated, angry, depressed and, at this point, totally incapable of interacting with anybody, be it his work colleagues, his neighbours, his family, or Franca, his lifelong partner. His encounter with the hardcore, though somewhat implausible “Mobbasta” environmentalist group convinces him to fervently fight against the closure of a public park, but it turns out to be the umpteenth failure for Giulio. There’s no hope left for our protagonist until he meets Alfonzo, his old and much hated schoolmate, who does however have a remedy for all his ills: a magic pill that will cause him to only use 2% of his brain instead of the generally assumed 20%. And this is precisely how Giulio overcomes his depression: he stops worrying about the environment and only thinks about himself, about women, about the vices, passions and virtues of every average Italian. A battle with no holds barred takes place in Giulio’s head and his life, between the Average Italian and the socially active but ineffectual one which will lead him not only to become the most important VIP in Italy but also to change a large part of his life…
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