Un altro Ferragosto

Regista: Paolo Virzì
Genere: Comedy
On an August evening in 1996, in the house on the island of Ventotene where the journalist Sandro Molino was spending his holidays, his partner Cecilia revealed to him that she was pregnant. Today Altiero Molino is a 26-year-old digital entrepreneur and he returns to Ventotene with his fashion model husband to gather old friends around his ailing father and let him have one last holiday in the place that means so much to him. He did not expect to find the island in turmoil over the wedding of Sabry Mazzalupi to her fiancé Cesare. The once awkward teenager, daughter of the humble Roman shop-keeper Ruggero, has become a web celebrity and her wedding is a social event that attracts the media and even mysterious representatives of the new political power. Two tribes of holiday makers, two apparently irreconcilable sides of Italy, destined to meet again on the August bank holiday of Ferragosto, for a confrontation that this time will be definitive.
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