Perfect strangers

1h 37m
Regista: Paolo Genovese
Genere: Comedy
Perfect Strangers is a 2016 Italian film, written and directed by Paolo Genovese. The plot revolves around a group of friends who decide to play a game that consists of sharing all the texts and calls they receive on their mobile phones. The film was a huge box office success in Italy and won several awards, including the David di Donatello for best film. Perfect Strangers was such a success with the general public and the critics that it inspired a number of remakes worldwide. Indeed, with its 30 adaptations globally, it is the film that has had the most remakes in the world. In Spain it was called "Perfectos Desconocidos", in Turkey "Taninmis Yarim" and in Brazil "Desconhecidos Perfeitos", to name but a few. Each adaptation keeps the original storyline, but with small variations to suit the culture of the country. The success of these remakes was surprising, being very well received by both the public and the critics. In each country the film was acclaimed for its intriguing plot and its well written characters. Furthermore the success of these remakes demonstrates how the message of the original film is universal and appreciated globally. The plot of Perfect Strangers touches on universal subjects such as privacy, truth and friendship, which can be understood and appreciated by a global audience. The remakes represent an opportunity for the directors and actors of each country to express their own creativity and bring their own contribution to the story of the film. In short, Perfect Strangers is a film that has captivated the public and the critics in Italy and throughout the world. Its success as the film with the most remakes in the world demonstrates how universal the story is and how it offers the opportunity to directors and actors of each country to express their own creativity.

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