Il professor Cenerentolo

1h 30m
Regista: Leonardo Pieraccioni
Genere: Comedy
This film, written by Leonardo Pieraccioni, Giovanni Veronesi and Domenico Costanzo, tells the story of Umberto (Leonardo Pieraccioni) who, in order to prevent his disastrous construction company going bankrupt, attempted a clumsy bank raid together with an employee (Massimo Ceccherini) which achieved nothing for him except four years in prison! At least the prison is on the beautiful Italian island of Ventotene. Umberto has now reached the end of his sentence and is allowed out on day release to work in the village library. One evening, in prison, during a debate open to the public, he meets Morgana (Laura Chiatti), an attractive woman who is slightly mad and somewhat childish. Morgana thinks he’s a prison employee, not a prisoner. Umberto, taking advantage of this misunderstanding, starts seeing her in the library during his working hours. But every day, by the last strike of midnight, just like Cinderella, he has to rush back to prevent the prison director (Flavio Insinna) finding everything out and revoking his permit.

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