Miami Beach

1h 28m
Regista: Carlo Vanzina
Genere: Comedy
Miami is today the most popular destination for young Italians. Indeed that is where two youngsters end up going to university: Luca, Giovanni’s son, is from Rome, and Valentina, Olivia's daughter, is from Milan. During the flight from Rome to Miami, Olivia and Giovanni have a furious argument. Their children don’t yet know that they’ll be attending university together. However, despite the fact their parents hate each other, a romantic and sweet love story will flourish between them, set in a background of college life. Seventeen year-old Giulia arrives in Miami too, together with a group of girlfriends her same age. They have come to see the famous concert of the world's top deejays. However there is a problem: Giulia was supposed to go on holiday with her father Lorenzo, but she ran away, leaving him stranded at Rome airport in despair. Lorenzo decides to go and look for her in Miami, but he has no idea where she is, he doesn't speak English and doesn't know the city. He will seek help for his search from a young Italian layabout, Bobo, who is very behind in his study programme and with whom he will discover how young people live in the metropolis. In the meantime, Giulia falls in love with Filippo, an older, Italian, real estate developer and womaniser, who she will trick into believing she is much older than she is. An impossible love story but one from which she will learn to grow. Ricky Memphis

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