Amore 14

1h 35m
Regista: Federico Moccia
Genere: Romantic comedy
LOVE 14 is the story of 14-year-old Carolina, aka Caro, as she deals with her first love, first kiss, the first time, friendships, parties, school and the often confrontational relationship with her parents. We meet her closest friends, Alis and Clod, with whom she spends her days and shares her dreams. We witness her first furtive kisses stolen in the shadows of her front door. We see her at school, and with her wonderful grandparents who know how to look into the depths of her soul. We meet her legendary brother, Rusty James, who encourages her heart to dream. And we witness her finding love, true love, in the shape of Massimiliano who she meets in a bookshop one September afternoon. LOVE 14 is a journey through emotions, the thrill of first love, the pain caused by the first unexpected disappointment, the kind that leaves you speechless, the breakdown of a friendship with someone you believed would never let you down. It’s the story of a unique and tender love, the one between Carolina’s grandparents, capable of transcending both time and space. It’s the story of the great passions and powerful emotions of a young writer, Rusty James, who in order to follow his ambitions has the courage to go against everyone and everybody, to contradict his father and go and live on a barge on the river Tiber where he will finally be able to make his dream come true. LOVE 14 is love, seen in its myriad of facets, it is friendship, it is the courage to believe in your dreams.
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