Perfect Strangers
(Perfetti Sconosciuti)


Year of production:
Directed by:
Paolo Genovese

Alba Rohrwacher,
Anna Foglietta,
Edoardo Leo,
Giuseppe Battiston,
Kasia Smutniak,
Marco Giallini,
Valerio Mastandrea

Running time:
Production credits:

Lotus Production – a Leone Film Group company
Medusa Film

Italian distributor:
Medusa Film

Each of us has three lives: a public one, a private one and a secret one.
Once the secret life was well protected in the archive of our memories, today it is stored in our sim cards. What would happen if that tiny card started talking?
This story takes place during a dinner with friends, in the moment they decide to play a game of truth by placing their mobile phones on the table. During the whole of the dinner all the messages and phone calls are to be shared publicly. That is how all of them will be aware of each other’s deeper secrets.


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