Le leggi del desiderio


Year of production:
Directed by:
Silvio Muccino

Carla Signoris,
Maurizio Mattioli,
Nicole Grimaudo,
Silvio Muccino

Music by:
Stefano Arnaldi
Running time:
Production credits:

A Medusa Film production made by da Lotus Production

Italian distributor:
Medusa Film

People’s desires make the world go round. Every day, in order to obtain the object of our desire, we change ourselves and our reality. Or at least we try to. According to Giovanni Canton, a charismatic motivational trainer protagonist of this story, there are precise techniques that can help us to achieve what we want. Whether it is pleasure, luxury, power, success or love. Considered by his fans to be a sort of prophet, and by many others a fraud who takes advantage of other people’s weaknesses, Canton decides to demonstrate the effectiveness of his theories by organizing a competition. Three lucky people will be selected to be accompanied by him in achieving their wildest desires within six months. But the intense relationship that will be established between the life coach and the chosen trio will produce unexpected effects in the lives of all of them, especially for Canton.


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