Regista: Gianluigi Carella
Genere: Documentary
When we inhale our diaphragm and the muscles just beneath the rib cage contract, whereas when we exhale they relax. An automatic and instinctive gesture for our body: an action carried out between 12 and 16 times a minute at rest, and up to 35-45 times during exercise. We breathe without even noticing, but what happens when something breaks and that automatism gets jammed? That’s what happened to Ben, a singer who rose to success with his close friend Federico Rossi and their duo Benji & Fede. Behind a life invariably spent at full speed, with the adrenalin and enthusiasm typical of someone fulfilling a dream, Ben has had to deal with histiocytosis X, an extremely rare disease that, as a child, compromised the capacity of his lungs and led him into intensive care. Ben’s illness has inevitably affected his breathing, but it certainly didn’t affect his plans and ambitions. And after putting his body under so much stress, Ben decides instead to start taking care of it.

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