Viaggio in Italia

1h 20m
Regista: Luca Miniero e Paolo Genovese
Genere: Drama
Piero and Chiara were once married but, because of their irreconcilable differences, they separated a long time ago and no longer have any kind of relationship. When their daughter Margherita is about to get married, she asks them as a wedding gift to both attend the ceremony, hoping they might become friends. Piero and Chiara set off together from Milan, heading to Stromboli. They are completely different people. Piero is a left-wing Latin teacher who writes children’s stories and still hopes to make it in a world in which even children seem to have lost their imagination. He is used to living alone and wears unfashionable clothes, uncaring of what people think of him. His ex-wife, on the other hand, is a right-wing sales woman who lives with a plastic surgeon and, despite possibly being even more superficial than he is, she is extremely practical and lets nothing ever get the upper hand. During their journey through Italy and its different realities, as they meet people who talk about their country and its problems, they find reasons to disagree on everything, from civil partnerships to immigration, from drugs to prostitution. And not always is just one of them right…
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