La volta buona

1h 35m
Regista: Vincenzo Marra
Genere: Drama
Bartolomeo is sixty and has a career as a sports agent behind him. Life hasn’t been too kind to him, his gambling problem has lost him both money and his family and he now gets by as best he can.He spends his days on the football pitches in the city outskirts searching for the next Messi, but luck is certainly not on his side. Always struggling to keep afloat, one day he receives a phone call, a small sign of destiny, and this time it’s a good one: Pablito is a phenomenal young player in Uruguay, who absolutely must come to Italy and make it big in the world of football. The meeting between Bartolomeo and Pablito will bring two realities face to face, two stories and two similar yet different kinds of desperation.

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