Viaggio in Italia


Year of production:
Directed by:
Luca Miniero and Paolo Genovese

Antonio Catania,
Francesca Enuadi,
Licia Maglietta

Music by:
Francesco Lanzillotta
Running time:
Production credits:

Marco Belardi for Lotus Production S.r.l.

Piero and Chiara have been separated for long time. Their marriage collapsed after irreconcilable differences, and now they do not talk to each other. Their daughter Margherita is about to get married and asks them as a wedding gift to both be present at the ceremony, hoping that the two could be in good terms. Piero and Chiara leave Milan together, heading to Stromboli. They are quite different people. Piero is a professor of Latin, a leftist, and writes fairy tales for kids. He still hopes to score in a world where even kids seem to have lost their fantasy. And got used of living alone as he wears old clothes not caring about what the others would think of him. His ex-wife is a retailer, she votes for the right-wing party and lives together with a plastic surgeon. She is maybe more superficial than him but still has a strong practical sense that allows her not to be taken down by anything. During their journey across Italy they will argue a lot while meeting other people talking about their country and its problems. They will argue about any kind of topic concerning society: PACS, immigration, drug trafficking, prostitution. But it is not always easy to establish who is right and who is wrong.

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