Sette ore per farti innamorare

Year of production:
Comedy and Romance
Directed by:
Gianluca Ansanelli

Paolo De Martino works as a financial journalist for an important newspaper in Naples. Paolo is a good guy. Precise, polite and serious about his job. He seems to have a bright future in front of him, both with his career and private life. And then one day he finds his fiancé Giorgia in bed with his boss. The offence is too big for him and he quits his job. By then the only other available position as a writer will be one for “Macho Man”, a weekly magazine addressed to a male audience. After a bunch of interviews with beauticians, personal trainers, hairdressers and urologists specialized in penis extension, he is assigned a story on “the artist of seduction”. A sort of guru that teaches a technique on how to seduce no matter what kind of woman in a maximum of seven hours. He discovers with great surprise that the head of the class is Valeria, a beautiful sexy woman so much focused and straightforward about the relationship between men and women. Paolo, whose love life totally collapsed, will become her “guinea pig” ending up in the most unthinkable situations.

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