Se tutto va male divento famoso


A global financial crisis forces a corporation to lay off people. A group of workers suddenly find themselves jobless. Their initial desperation will bring them to develop a bizarre idea: joining a talent show on TV in order to win a first prize of one million euros. There is only a little catch: they all have no special talent! Soon they come up with an unbelievable solution to let people believe they do have that unique talent. Something that makes them “different” from the others. They will reach fame. But in a total unusual way.
After the trilogy composed by “Una notte bianca”, “Scusa sono in riunione ti posso richiamare?” and “Ti sposo ma non troppo”, Gabriele Pignotta starts a new theatrical cycle with an original and surprising play. Mixing his usual irreverent irony with a sharp reflection on real and important topics concerning our society: the obsession to “appear” at the expense of “being” and the diversity..

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