The boat

Regista: Alessio Liguori
Genere: Horror
Three couples, Flavio and Elena, Federico and Claudia, and Enrico and Martina decide to spend a weekend together on Flavio’s yacht in the Mediterranean. Nearly all of them are all wealthy and used to the good life, and this trip is a chance to spend some time together and smooth over old grudges. They are joined by an outsider, Martina, Enrico’s young girlfriend, unaccustomed to that lifestyle but intrigued by the occasion. However, after the first day of sun and sea and partying, the trip takes an unsettling turn. Why have they woken up out at sea? Why doesn’t the engine start? Why has their food and water disappeared? A voice speaks out from a walkie-talkie. An unknown person (Emilio) blackmails them and wants money from them, particularly from Enrico who has conned the others out of millions of euros. But is that all? Or has someone taken advantage of this trip, far from everything, to take revenge on them? This extreme situation will lead them to reveal their secrets and truths to each other, even the most indecent and shameful, and to realise that everything that is happening to them is buried in a past that the group of friends would have preferred to forget, but that someone wants to uncover, in order to get their revenge.