24 Febbraio 2023

Directed by Andrea De Sica and Giorgio Romano, the series was written by Barbara Petronio and
Gabriele Galli and produced by Raffaella and Andrea Leone for Lotus Production,
a Leone Film Group company.

On 5th December Disney+ announced the start of filming of Uonderbois, a series
set on a backdrop of popular legends of a city like no other: Naples.

It’s easy to be mesmerised by the beauty of this city, but only those who can see beyond appearances have access to all that is magical and legendary
concealed within it..

The Uonderbois are among these: a group of five 12-year-olds – united by the vivid imagination
of those who have grown up in the streets of Naples – who firmly believe in the existence of their hero
Uonderboi, a cross between the legendary figure of the “Munaciello” and a modern-day Robin Hood.

Together they will venture into underground Naples and discover that there’s a grain of truth to every story
The important thing is to be able to find a balance between reality and the magic
which this city has thrived on for millennia.

Tha cast includes Serena Rossi, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Junior Rodriguez, Melissa
Caturano, Catello Buonocore, Christian Chiummariello, Gennaro Filippone, Giordana Marengo,
Giovanni Esposito, Ernesto Mahieux, Francesco Di Leva and Ivana Lotito and with the guest appearance
of Nino D’Angelo.

The series is based on an original script by Barbara Petronio (also the executive producer), Gabriele
Galli e Giorgio Romano, created by Barbara Petronio and Gabirele Galli and written by Barba Petronio, Gabriele
Galli, Francesco Balletta, Rossella Di Campli, Veronica Galli.