Ti sposo ma non troppo

Gabriele Pignotta

It was just a matter of time before witnessing the day in which Facebook would find its way in a theatre play. Following the streak of his last hits, Gabriele Pignotta, author, actor and director, presents a new comedy based on a true story. A fresh and funny spin on those love stories that are born on the world wide web. The main characters are a couple who is about to get married after seven years together, a physiotherapist addicted to seduction, and a girl dumped right in front of the altar. They will cross each other’s path after chatting on Facebook. That will lead to a series of fun misunderstandings, identity swaps and emotional chaos. And a twist ending.
A fun romantic comedy played by talented young actors very much capable of transmitting the audience the fun they are having on stage, “Ti sposo ma non troppo” faces some notorious love issues with tenderness. And with some virtual reality too. Something that can indeed turn into a surprising reality. The play has some cinematic elements: the set design is simple but effective and colorful with three visible settings. Dialogues and some quick one-liners are just pure fun. The direction is fresh, brilliant and with a solid timing. A brilliant play that will resonate in the audience, something very much advised to those who are looking for a lovely night and pure joy..


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