Mi piaci perchè sei così


Marco and Monica (played by Gabriele Pignotta and Emanuela Guiaiana) are in love and have been married for some years. But their initial passion has been replaced by misunderstanding and the first glimpses of boredom, just like it happens in many love stories. Before breaking up, they pull one last desperate attempt to save their relation. They will submit to an experimental couples therapy that will allow each one of them to see the world with the eyes of the other. Switching their roles for three months, they will be accompanied by their neighbors Stefano and Francesca (played by Fabio Avaro and Siddhartha Prestinari): the typical “superficial couple”, adorable in public, but miserable in their private life. The truth is they do detest each other even if they lack the courage to tell the truth. The life of those two couples will intersect ending up with a bang with bizarre situations of pure fun.

The new comedy by Gabriele Pignotta offers laughs and good time but also the possibility to reflect on the actual status of love couples 2.0.

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