Un altro mondo

Year of production:
Running time:
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Bluma Lab and Lotus Production

The documentary focuses on how to find one person’s own strength and identity by defying the modern vision of the world. Rediscovering the values of ancient societies like the Native Americans. It is about a journey enlightening how quantum physics is rediscovering the history of ancient tribes, and their consideration of the relationship between man and universe. The film underlines how we are all connected, as humans, through science. A theory that is better expressed in the Mayan greeting “In Lak’ech”, meaning “I am another you”. It proves how unnatural is the sense of separation which has become one of the main features of modern society.

Man is more and more conscious about his place in the universe and his power to create his own reality. Both as an individual and as a community. We believe that this awareness, as told in the documentary, will support a new way to understand reality, triggering a new critical vision on our times. Generating a better and brighter future for us and the next generation.


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