Forgive us our debts
(Rimetti a noi i nostri debiti)


Year of production:
Directed by:
Antonio Morabito

Claudio Santamaria
Marco Giallini
Jerzy Stuhr
Flonja Kodheli
Agnieszka Zulewska
Leonardo Nigro
Giorgio Gobbi
Maddalena Crippa
Paolo De Vita
Paola Lavini
Nicola Ciccariello
Liliana Massari
Pietro Naglieri
Vincenzo Tanassi
Gilda Lapardhaja
Giovanni Galati
Gianni Lillo

Music by:
Andrea Guerra
Production credits:

LA LUNA – LOTUS PRODUCTION a Leone Film Group company – with RAI CINEMA

Italian distributor:

Guido (Claudio Santamaria) lives by carrying on as best he can. An occasional job as a warehouse worker, a few drinks at the bar with Rina (Flonja Kodheli), the new bartender and some chats with his neighbor, an old professor (Jerzy Stuhr) which he talks to every now and then. Above all many debts on his shoulders. When he loses his job and suffers an aggression commissioned by his creditors, he understands that the only way to recover is paradoxically working for them. Becoming a debt collector himself, Guido will work for free until his debt is extinguished. Franco (Marco Giallini) is an expert and successful debt collector. A demon at work, an angel within the walls of his beautiful home with his family. A balance he has reached thanks to quick confessions at the church and morning runs in the paths of the cemetery. Franco will have to take care of Guido's training. Together they will make an odd pair: Franco, whimsical and captivating, is some kind of a mystery for Guido. And the latter, reserved and lonely, is an open book to Franco. The two roles are destined for a mutual contamination.

In a short time, Guido will get in touch both with people who have money but do not want to pay their debts and with others offended and humiliated, who have already lost everything. At that point he will have to listen to his conscience, forcing Franco to reveal his true nature…

Available on Netflix on: 4 May 2018



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