Miami Beach


Year of production:
Directed by:
Carlo Vanzina

Emanuele Propizio,
Giampaolo Morelli,
Max Tortora,
Paola Minaccioni,
Ricky Memphis

Production credits:

Lotus Production – a Leone Film Group company - and RAI Cinema

Miami is the most popular destination for the young Italians. Luca from Rome, son of Giovanni, and Valentina from Milan, daughter of Olivia, choose to study at the University of Miami. While traveling by plane from Rome, Olivia and Giovanni keep arguing furiously. Their children still do not know that they will attend the same university. Despite their parents hating each other, the two will develop a fun and romantic relation within the walls of their college. Giulia arrives in Miami with her 17-year-old friends to attend the concert reuniting the most important deejays in the world. There is a problem though: Giulia was supposed to go on vacation with her father Lorenzo, but she ran away leaving him at the Rome airport. Desperate, Lorenzo decides to go looking for her in Miami even if he has no clue of where she might be. He does not speak English and of course he knows nothing about the city. He will be helped by a young Italian slacker named Bobo, a student that will introduce him to the lifestyle of the youngsters in town. Meanwhile Giulia falls for Filippo. Way older than her, Filippo is an Italian real estate developer and a ladies man. Giulia will make him believe to be older than she really is. This will be an impossible love story, one from which she will learn to grow up.



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