The Good One
(La volta buona)


Directed by:
Vincenzo Marra

Massimo Ghini
Ramiro Garcia
Max Tortora,
Francesco Montanari,
Gioia Spaziani
and Massimo Wertmuller

Production credits:

Produced by Marco Belardi for Lotus Production – a Leone Film Group company – and TIMVISION in association with Altrestorie

Bartolomeo is 60 years old and has left behind a career as a sports attorney. His personal life in shambles as a gambling addiction made him lost both money and family. Now he makes ends meet spending his days by the football fields in the suburbs, where he looks for a new potential football star. But fortune is never on his side. Always fighting to stay afloat, Bartolomeo receives a phone call. A little sign from destiny that this might be a good time for luck. He finds out about Pablito, an incredibly young football talent living in Uruguay. Somebody worth having his big break in the Italian football. The meeting between Bartolomeo and Pablito will bring together their two backgrounds, both full of desperate events. The story of two lives so distant and yet quite similar too.


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