Italiano Medio


Year of production:
Directed by:
Maccio Capatonda

Barbara Tabita,
Enrico Venti,
Lavinia Longhi,
Luigi Luciano,
Marcello Macchia,
Nino Frassica

Running time:
Production credits:

Marco Belardi for Lotus Production S.r.l.
Medusa Film

Italian distributor:
Medusa Film

Giulio Verme is a die-hard environmentalist. He is also a depressed man pushing forty and makes a living by sorting waste in a factory by the suburbs of Milan. Frustrated, angry and depressed, Giulio is totally uncapable to interact with colleagues, neighbors, relatives and even Franca, his longtime girlfriend. After collecting his latest failure by joining a fierce but totally unreliable environmental association, Giulio feels hopeless. Till the day he meets Alfonzo, an old schoolmate whom he has always hated that offers him a solution for all the problems. A miraculous pill that will allow Giulio to use only 2% of his brain instead of the average 20%. This will be the cure for his depression. Suddenly Giulio will not bother anymore about the environment and will start thinking just about himself. About the women, the vices, the passions and the virtues of the average Italian Joe. A battle takes place within his brain and in his life: the one between the average Italian Joe against the committed but ineffective person he used to be. This will totally change his life, leading him to become the most popular man in Italy.


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