The Immature


Comedy and Romance
Directed by:
Paolo Genovese

Ambra Angiolini,
Barbora Bobulova,
Luca Bizzarri,
Paolo Kessisoglu,
Raoul Bova,
Ricky Memphis

Running time:
Production credits:

Lotus Production
Medusa Film

Italian distributor:
Medusa Film

Giorgio, Piero, Lorenzo, Luisa, Virgilio, Francesca: what do these thirty-eighties have in common? Twenty years ago, they were schoolmates. But mostly they were friends. Then something happened, life broke up their group and brought them apart. Now, after many years, they find each other again. And this happens when the Ministry of Education rescinds their graduation exam, forcing them to repeat it. If they will not pass it, then they will all lose the degrees they took after the original exam..


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