Il Professor Cenerentolo


Year of production:
Directed by:
Leonardo Pieraccioni

Davide Marotta,
Flavio Insinna,
Laura Chiatti,
Leonardo Pieraccioni,
Massimo Ceccherini

Running time:
Production credits:

Lotus Production – a Leone Film Group company
RAI Cinema in collaboration with Levante

Italian distributor:
01 Distribution

The film, written by Leonardo Pieraccioni, Giovanni Veronesi and Domenico Costanzo, tells the story of Umberto (Pieraccioni) who, in order to avoid bankruptcy for his disastrous construction company, attempted with the help of an employee (Massimo Ceccherini) a clumsy bank robbery… a heist that ony earned him four years in prison! But if nothing else, he ends up being locked in a prison of the beautiful Italian island of Ventotene. Now Umberto is at the end of his sentence and during the day he works in the town library. One evening, while in prison during a debate open to the public, he meets Morgana (Laura Chiatti). She is charming and bit crazy. And believes him to be a prison worker instead of an inmate. Taking advantage of the misunderstanding, Umberto begins to spend time with her during his working hours in the library. Every day by midnight, just like Cinderella, he must rush back to his cell to prevent the prison director (Flavio Insinna) from discovering everything and revoking his outdoor work permit.


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