Appena un minuto


Year of production:
Directed by:
Francesco Mandelli

Max Giusti,
Massimo Wertmuller,
Loretta Goggi,
Paolo Calabresi,
Dino Abbrescia,
Herbert Ballerina,
Mirko Frezza,
Susy Laude,
Carolina Signore,
Francesco Mura,
and with J-AX

Production credits:

Produced by Marco Belardi for Lotus Production – a Leone Film Group company – with Rai Cinema in association with 3 Marys Entertainment

Italian distributor:
01 Distribution

How many times did we ask ourselves: "if only I arrived one minute earlier", "one more minute would have been enough", "one more minute and this wouldn’t have happened"?

Claudio thought about this several times and perhaps his life would have been different, had he been able to go back in time every now and then. A 50-year-old real estate agent, Claudio is separated from a wife who left him for the "King of Zumba dance". And he is also poorly tolerated and criticized by his two children.

His best friend Ascanio is a small-time crook always waiting for his big score. For once he gives Claudio some good piece of advice: to buy his first smartphone. And Claudio does not just buy any phone: the one he chose allows people to go back in time for sixty seconds, just by pressing a button.

From that moment everything can be changed as Claudio will try to put his life together piece by piece. By the time he realizes that the most important thing in life is actually his family, he will try to win it back. One minute at a time…


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