Amore 14


Year of production:
Comedy and Romance
Directed by:
Federico Moccia

Beatrice Flamini
Flavia Roberto
Giuseppe Maggio
Raniero Monaco di Lapio
Veronica Olivier

Music by:
Alessandra Amoroso and Fabrizio Bondi
Running time:
Production credits:

Marco Belardi for Lotus Production S.r.l.
Medusa Film

Italian distributor:
Medusa Film

The story of Carolina “Caro”, 14 year-old girl going through her first love experiences. The first kisses, the “first time”, the new friends, the parties, the school and the conflictual relationship with her parents. Alis and Clod, her best friends, are the ones with whom she shares her days and dreams. Her first kisses are given quickly in the shadow of a frontgate. There is the school, two wonderful grandparents capable of looking deep down in her soul. And a legendary brother, Rusty James, that helps her to dream. And then comes love, the real one: Massimiliano, a boy she met in a library one afternoon in September.

Amore 14 is a journey through the feelings, the enthusiasm that one feels while falling in love for the first time. The pain of a sudden disappointment, something that can leave one speechless. It is the loss of a dearest person, the friendship from which one believes will never be disappointed. It is the story of a long and sweet romance, the love that rushes between Carolina’s grandparents: an emotion so strong that can overcome space and time. It is the story of a big passion and strong emotions. The story of a young brave writer, Rusty James, who is ready to go against everything in order to chase his own ambitions, ignoring his father’s will in order to live on a boat in the Tiber river, where he will finally make his dreams come true.

Amore 14 is love seen in all his endless layers. It is friendship and the courage of believing in one’s own dreams.


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